Not Anything Fancy

So today I write here for the very first time and in the first line itself, let me tell you that this blog is not on anything fancy, it is not a lifestyle blog neither is it a compilation of thoughts weaved through imagination or love for poetry. This my dearies, is about a soul who suffers, seeks, finds, loses, cherishes, thinks, writes, believes, loves and then finds faith in humanity again and again.

Today I did not wake up in the morning, I did not have coffee or tea, I did not look outside my window and I did not see the sun or feel the wind blowing against my face, there were no birds chirping and the air did not feel calm in anyway. I slept to the sound of thunder and heavy rain till it was noon and a phone call woke me up. 

I never wake up in the morning and I never sleep at night. By the time I sleep there are people in their jogging shoes ready to hit the road and there is an influx of vendors and house maids getting ready for the days work ahead. I sense the atmosphere that gently sings me a lullaby and puts me to sleep. That is the beginning of my day, by noticing and then going to sleep.

To wake me up nothing works but the internet without which my phone will be totally useless. The phone call definitely woke me up but to completely open my eyes I have to see the text messages and the notifications left on my social media. Today was no different.  I grabbed the phone, struggled a little to clear my vision, scrolled through the messages and then grabbed a pack of cigarettes and lit one precariously. 

My friends came over. I was still in bed too lazy to get the laptop so I asked him to get it for me. Still with a cigarette in hand and phone in the other, he placed the laptop on my lap. I put the phone aside meanwhile it played some music.

The door to my balcony is ajar and I can see dogs and rods for the construction nearby. In a long long while had I seen a bird, a sparrow, on an electricity wire. We hardly get to see swallows anymore, There are plenty of magpies and crows though. My neighborhood has more cats than dogs. I think I am also contributing to their population. I have a cat.

I am not a cat person, this is the first cat I have had. I try to fondle him too much but that pushes him away. I do that to my dog too. I think I try to caress them too much and I have learned that animals like space for themselves and do not like being caressed for too long and at unnecessary intervals.

I am hungry, my friends have gone to bring something to eat. I am waiting for my help to come, there are a few dishes left at the sink and the house needs to be mopped. My day has just started and I function in a different time zone. Must have been some crazy jet lag that never wore off. 

This is how my life has been since the past two months and I am looking for a change but I am also very happy with who I am and my people who I have around me. 

My friends are back and I am hungry. later folks.


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