What matters?

There are all kinds of people streaming into bigger cities from their towns. Be it for education, jobs, marriage, etc.
I have a cousin who wishes to become a model. She has that height, physique, amost every requirement. Now she is moving to Bangalore for her higher education and also to pursue her modelling career. I wonder if that really matters. I wonder what actually matters. Students moving for higher education? I am not sure if it is really a call for education. And then the other circumstances where getting a job becomes a major concern. In the end it all trickles down to finding “the job”. So is it really the job that matters.

Then the other things like the quest for knowledge, happiness and peace. Do they sound trifle? Also the quest for knowledge, as we know, there are books, which now a meager amount of people bother buying with the e-books’ availability. But is that it? Books only? And what about life?

It is so easy to define happiness now since it can be measured by the money in the banks. The houses, cars, gadgets, clothes, accessories, jewelry, property, etc. The more the merrier. At least the people who own plenty would like to think that and ultimately the failure to but satisfaction with all the riches. I believe that is where humans lose it all. From birth till death, the rat race doesn’t exhaust them, but I’m sure when on their death beds, the satisfaction that couldn’t be added to their list declares that in life we are bound to miss certain things for some other gain but we have to decide to choose which one is worth settling for.

I wonder how  would a person feel then? Would one look back and see what was acquired or what could not be? Would the futility of life exasperate them? And why only the rich people, the poor people on the contrary, might feel the same futility along with a little hostility towards life. Their struggle to keep the body and soul together leads to something that cannot be conquered because mortals cannot. Then do they both not lie on the same plane all together?

But the ones who make a fair living are not very satisfied too. They are the aspiring class. What is achieved is not enough and what is is enough when thought of the ones who do not. 

So what is it that really matters? I’m not asking for answers but wondering to myself what this life is about? Who are we all? Is death what defines life or is it the ultimate door leading to truth that we are searching for all our lives? May be people and lives turn out unexpectedly at one point of time because of the fear of death or the inability to fully embrace this disdained truth?

Life was never meant to be easy, it never will be but the dichotomy is such that in the end it becomes a world where everything goes, everything works. May be it then becomes a world where people live catering their needs first. To them their own..


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