Adam’s Apple for Palmer

Hold it a little while,

Hold it a little longer,

let me embrace you

Let me feel your touch.

No remorse to stop you from the happiness you desire.

Don’t you know theres an Adams Apple in me?

Stay a little stronger.

I will be with you till everything is calmer.

Hold on Palmer, hold on

Smile a little,

The world is at your door step.

 There is no stopping in the middle.

Listen to the song of your soul

Listen to the melody in the air

Listen to the music I want to share

Hovering through the windows your eyes can see where..

Hey ! Hey! Hey! Palmer..

Hey you don’t you go running out.

There is a moment of here and now.

Tell me what you want to know.

Secrets I dont keep them from you.

I am a man of virtue.

Adams Apple is what clears me out.

Oh yeah! I believe in God!

Yeah I wont break your heart.

Don’t you go away, Palmer.

Don’t you  go and tear me apart….


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