I hear the children crying,

These are tears of ordeal.

Pain hurts, so does happiness.

Happiness never lasts long.

That fear is of what hurts. Of what mostly scares.

And there is always sheepishness in sorrow.

These children will one day grow.

grow into what we call humans,

Although broken they will continually know how to care.

Not all children cry for the loss that they are not responsible for.

Not all children cry for what they have no control over.

Not all children should bear the brunt of what they are not meant to cry for.

For every word that hurts, there should be a human who knows how to heal.

For every care that seems unreal, there should be love that clears the dread.

One who closes the deal.

Hate is not the opposite of love, 

Love reversed is no love.

No children deserve to be brought up in ambiance of no apathy.

They should not be brought up in sympathy.


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