Conjecture of Parodies

“Oh! Mighty God, Oh! Mighty, listen to me.

Why do you find things funny?

Why do losses appear to you as comedy?

Nothing we have, all you do,

You gave us a day or two.

In your faith we live our days,

Thy Kingdom Come, the world says.

We love our children, friends and neighbors too.

We make love after we woo.

Violence in broad daylight doesn’t go,

Prayers and love happen behind doors.

What we see is not how is reality,

What is reality, you tell me.

Oh! Mighty God listen to me,

Tell me why you think this is funny?”

” I love you child, don’t you know that son?

You spend time praying when there’s nowhere to run,

Times are tough and tides are high.

This too shall pass, can we all deny?

You need me for the fear of loss,

I made this world for the love of you

Water, air and earth I gave and sunshine too.

Gave you knowledge for your own doom.

Held your hand and guided you,

But you wanted more to construe.

Questions you ask, but the meaning not.

Hurt is what I feel that you forgot.

You think I sit and laugh at what happens,

When the souls are dying in corruption.

I walk with you all along,

let you know you are strong.

You’re conjecture is a parody,

In the world is the irregularity,

Love, Hate, Pain, Pleasure,

Peace, Rampage, Civics, Wrangle

These words you have tangled.

Find what you are looking for,

I am right here.

Your Will is Mine,

Forsake you is not in my love,

Realize this and forever we shall align”


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