tell me…

You know that moment when you do not know whether you should keep on trying or move on?

I am in one such moment right now. My dilemma is not from a person. It is from the life choices I make especially when I am not sure whether to make the decision or not.

I am actually very stressed that I am listening to “Don’t worry, be happy” which is actually making me worry more. So, I thought I should share this among you all because I thought that if I am having this situation than somebody else might have had it too or may have it once sooner or later. 

Sometimes you put your faith in the tiny things and hope that it will work out, disappointment strikes not when things do not go according to our wishes but when we have a real tough time coping to the unprecedented rejection of fate.

I have pursued so many things to the extent that I have been signaled not to anymore. Well, lets just say that pushing the envelope doesnt work that well in any case for me. 

I feel stranded from the real life. I am yet to understand where does the future lie. I was one of those people who believed that time will take care of itself because I always gave time some time. But now I just cant because the time I was giving has been fleeting too quickly that there is hardly anything remaining to give.

Does this happen to any of my readers?

You are married, you have children, the perfect house, that car, pets, any other accessory to add your distinction or may be you are getting there,ticking things off your checklist, feeling good, praying, working hard, you know life is tough but no that bad. May be. But sometime, may be when you get your space and time, is there a moment that tickles your mind and makes you feel like, “Is this what I really want?” Does this question pop? Or more like,”Where am I going in life?” 

Those questions which can create an imbalance in the life that you have invested so much of effort building it? Looking for meaning, you quite forget who you are or realize the futility of life. Fear time, loss, and wish you talk to people about the same things you are dealing with. 

I do not know what crisis is this. I am an old soul in a young body. I think a lot. I look for answers and I wish to get answers through experiences and people and books. 

I am looking for some suggestions, so please drop in your thoughts. xx


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