Never say Never

There was this inept sadness in her. That didn’t make her or break her. It defined her.

This unskilled, amateurish sadness reached no where to take her. It just lingered around in the dense atmosphere or her mind and the heavy breath she gasped.

There was also an inadequate silence in her. Always making her lose out. Always being too loud.

She screamed bit too much.  A shakiness in her voice, when she spoke the truth, she almost broke out. Fearing no one would believe her. Like no one ever did.

Secrets she kept to her chest. Sensing it out, palpable in every heart beat.

Knocked down to the ground, holding her heart to her knees, she wondered why was she always in need?

Words weren’t enough to safe her. Take was what she wanted. Time if she could take it back.

Wounds of the past, wounds on the soul. Lacerations in her mind, gaps filled with nothing kind.

Did she ever have to be this? Even when she had nothing to blame, she still asked the questions from which humans refrained.

Sssshhh… what would the society say? What would people think? Mum the word, nothing happened,  no one has to know. No you can’t say.

Shut up! She should have said. Get up from the ground when life is about to fail. Denial isn’t a name of a river. Stand up even when you shiver, your bones jitter and just prove you aren’t a quitter.

Bite dust if you have to. But never say never.
She could teach the world. She could teach all. She was always made to stand tall!


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