New literature

What this era, this age needs is high definition poetry. I will emphasize on poetry here.
Yes, the words carved below are forever true but times are also changing on the other hand. Yesteryears of love and compassion are now on the verge of misleading every pseudo poetry lover.

They seem to understand poetry and happen to construe ideas and notions and fall in love based on idea(s) of love.

I do not, however, mean that the old literary ways should be stopped. I simply mean thata passage should be made for new writers, poets, literary aspirants. An open mind and encouragement is what I seek.

An age of noir.

If a passage is blocked for new, a hallway for something old will never be made. Literature demands creativity, new, novice, artistry.
An acceptance and encouragement through studies of not the fanciful or sombre but just pieces of art is what I think of.

Utopia for me is that exercise of free flowing ideas where no one is an inspiration, no one is made an ideal and no one has to strife to be an idealist, where nobody’s works are kept at an altar,  and where any budding artist has the need to be compared for the flair they have, for their craft.


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