For others

Live that life that you would want somebody to make it happen for you.
If the world were a wish granting factory, what would you choose and how drastically would your life change. The only difference is this world isn’t a factory and you aren’t getting all your wishes done.

That’s when it gets too tough to get started. Laid back, lazy, procrastinator, tied up, wound up, later, whatever etc etc. All the modes of moods, one adopts that turns into a permanent habit starts tp disintegrate a person and rule the minds.

No one is weak or strong but circumstances and the choices made on those circumstances define them.
If we were also given a choice, we would choose the prestigious lifestyle where money comes easy and everything expensive is cheap. But the choice lies in making it one to how you want it to be despite the odds. Its a tough call but yes it isnt for a faint heart.

Dig deep. You have the answer within yourself.  The one which you have been shoving it away since long. The one only you could hear but couldn’t care any less than you have so far.
Yes I am talking about that exactly.
You know what to do. Just muster up the courage and get started.

Have a fabulous sunday my readers. God bless you all.



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