5 mins makes a lot of difference

Five minutes earlier, exactly five minutes before from now i was tapping on my desk and running my fingers on my keyboard, giving a slight pout and looking out of the window, i also ate a chunk of chocolate, celebrated my boss’ birthday. I got a call and I rejected my route to escape, I looked at the clock and saw it was almost lunch. then i asked the HR, how long remained for us to depart, he said not unless 2 o’clock.

*Five minutes after*

I hate chocolates, but the HR is munching it away. I should have taken that call and turned into a yes. now the keyboard is making too much of noise and i am afraid my blog might catch some sight. i peek around and notice that even today not everybody turned up. some part-time workers at least filled the company. oh god its saturday!! I wonder for how long there will not be any TGIFs for me and I know i wont be thanking for Saturdays. 

I should quit! Call it over.. Oh such a cry baby.. go back home to mamma..

i should have never asked how long was there for the day to end. i should have just pouted away and taken a selfie for all days pain. I am an escapist but this job isn’t doing any gain. Patient I am waiting for stones to turn into diamonds all in a day…


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