Let it be

Does let it be mean forget about it? Does heart ache and you need to snap out of it? The feeble heart finds less reasons to stay and more to walk out the doorway/ Closest route to escape could be an inch away. not sure how to feel about it, how to not live with pain. life isn’t lived on a basis of smiles, but when the reasons disappear, where does one rest for the living? letting it be is okay it is just okay to breathe, but is it still the reason to hold on… On to the muses of life, grief, passion or just a reason to stay.. Let us say, we are all okay.. Is that okay? Are we looking for okay, is okay enough? Forget it, let it be, there’s nothing you can do about it, it is gone.. Does anyone help you to fix you? Does your bloated ego say you don’t need fixing? Then why you complaining? Lets dance and rejoice, drunken. When your are fine how do you feel do you want to let it be? aren’t you still held to the ground? Let’s just say we did our part. Because the feeble heart has to sway  Let’s just get up and quit  Quit what we are doing, not join the rat race. drop everything and go away where you could be who you are. don’t hide, don’t let it be, don’t hold back the tears, don’t suck away all the sadness alone, don’t look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are strong when you don’t want to be don’t be who you are expected to be, be who you feel you are and don’t regret a bit of it. you want to cry, you want to laugh, you want to pray, you want to hate, you want to jump you want to go crazy. Now this is letting be. being yourself. no body will allow this to you. you will have to take it, snatch it because you want it. you have to steal it because you are hungry. you are angry and you don’t need to apologize.  


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