Take This Debate

Make use of your voice,

Lets be bona fide

Because there is not much to hide

Suppressed are the feelings,

Harboring on resentment,

Too less to find in the name of shame.

Every where it’s the same hurt and pain.

Together or not,

Together we are still bound!

Let your  voice be heard

Let your life be the way you planned as a child

This life is too small for fears.

It wont even last long,

Not even till we think we are gone.

Much lost than ever found.

Hardly are we seen till we make a mistake,

Hardly recognized till we stir up the nuisance.

Claim those voices that you have.

Its been eternity since you disowned them.

Rise up to what is yours,

In the name of power,

All that has been there is villainy.

Let there be fear of you.

Let there be that guilt in their eyes,

What is wrong is wrong.

Its been ages that the wrong be undone.

The last word isn’t said.

You still have the chance.

Use your ultimate bait,

Take this debate.


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