Theory of left and right

It’s hard to resist temptation.

Because the heart wants what the heart wants.

Stories do unfold,

Its time that puts us into a mold.

Desires that are born are not known of.

What is empty does not remain for long enough.

To grab what is liked,

To love that which is denied,

To take what cannot suffice,

Are all to fulfill what the heart cannot hide.

Completion of a soul happens untimely,

But all that one looks for is understanding fully.

A broken smile through the tears,

A vanishing laughter into silence,

A sad disappearance of a human,

All that is wanted is convergence into some delight.

Loneliness runs to bite,

When there is nothing in sight,

A dead end on the loose,

No one wants to live like a recluse.

The yin and yang

The happy and sad

The this and that

The left and right

same yet different,

Only together is it coherent,

Only when one lacks can someone complete

Only love can sweep someone off the feet.

Only a brave heart can make ends meet.


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