cycle of infinity

In order for a star to be born, a gaseous nebula must collapse.

It is darkest before dawn.

The harbor is the safest for the ships but the ships are not meant for harbors.

Can anybody tell me how an easy life feels? Is there anything called easy? How does a woman or a man, irrespective of gender feel when they have nothing to provide to their children of the children’s want but have given everything that they ever could with their might? A genetic race, lets call it a marathon where we all strive to attain. Just attain listless desires, fulfillment of the body, of ourselves, of others. I do not know where am I going with this and it already feels too tedious.

I feel more for the souls who feel to but are looking for their words to share in their original way. So many of us are just wandering in search of the meaning of life. But this time, this end of the year has only brought me to realize that meanings are not important to know or find out.

For the seed to become a tree, the seed has all the important ingredients already in the very seed all that is needed is time, patience, and nature for even human life is nothing but natural. We don’t have much differences actually none.

We only forget our roots and trees don’t. That is surprising, isn’t it?

So this triggers my intelligence or curiosity perhaps, does this also mean a caterpillar is only a butterfly? And a gaseous nebula, star? Then that perhaps means, I have already found my meaning and I am on the way.

And this cures almost all of our self-doubts and annihilation of our worth. We are already who we are and we are also on the way of being who we are yet to become.  Complicated yet so simple. So true. Very Real.

the three quotes I quoted have entirely summed up the life one lives.

The genetic relay I was talking about did start wearily, but where does it how, for how long do we stay tired, poor, hungry, abandoned? Everyday has a dawn and it is already morning in this side of my world.

the last day of 2014 has just begun and I cannot wait to write my prologue of the entire yet to begin novel with ample chapters, I promise to keep them interesting.

With this I wish you all a very happy new year already. I do not want to be late in giving you my best. send more of wishes to the world. the universe hears. hallelujah!


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