hey folks, its been a long long time I sat down to write!

first of all, I wish you all a very happy new year, yeah! I pray that this year gives each one of you inspiration, hope, joy and ample life to live that all the previous years of disappointment and heartbreaks fade into oblivion. I pray and I believe it will all work out in your favor.

my work keeps me really busy. I left the magazine job. the most ironic things happen when you are not expecting anything, you realize? I was hired as a content developer and a Public Relations Officer in the same magazine job. The first and foremost thing one expects in a travel magazine is to get to travel. its funny how my current job gives me all the benefits and the things I wanted to learn, grow and develop as a person into.

Now, I am looking back at myself into the naive person I thought I was not then,  but we are actually a lot younger and naive than intelligent or knowing. I know I do not make a really good point but that is the entire point of life, to not make any point but just some meanders.

I never thought of all the aspects, I would find my serendipity in my job arena. Well, I do not know if this is too early to say but I say when I feel. My job has become my life and I mean this in the best possible way. I do not have time for anything else and honestly, there is not a lot i had to do either. It is my time to make a dent. In my free time, I will have enough to talk about, read on, paint a little, write, go around the city etc etc.

I have taken up an apartment for myself. its a big one for a single self. I am completely going to enjoy the entire thing. This is the first apartment of my own so technically this is my first house. As much as this feels awesome it also scares me but this is a good scare. The first step scare which is generally a step toward a big or important thing.

And I am also going home next month to attend my cousin’s wedding. It is going to be one anticipated wedding. It will be fun and when I shall be amongst my relatives and friends they shall know that I have stood out in the crowd and have been doing something extraordinary. My mother will be proud.

you know in the past, i have met people who have questioned me, my existence, my character. I am just saying that they have. I have not reached a post or position that I can tell them that I am extraordinary, for being ordinary comes from individuality. There are certain people who know nothing about you yet they comment. It is our primary duty to forgive them for their ignorance because the difference lies in knowledge and in our case too, there are things we know and don’t.

But life is a circle, we come back eventually to a place where we started from. By the time we come around, we will have forgotten the entire process.

my only advice or the main mantra of my life which I would want to share with you all is



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