light up your cigarette, smoke your lungs out and tell the world how much can you really not care because world is not your oyster. It never was.

you never thought of how you could ever live a day without dreams, what you wanted to do was not even there in history.

How come you are still here, thinking of the perfect line to make it your story line?

how come have you never figured your real hearts desire, after all these years?

there lies a mystery in your eyes and your words could never suffice all the things you want to say, all the thoughts you want to think and all the music you want to play.

what is enough? is it money? some sugar and honey? or some spice and heat up your life, give you the fire, keep you moving, on your toes from day to night?

have you really thought of taking a risk? building your empire and starting from scratch. breaking your nails, brittle they are and now none at all, scraping and biting dust, biting the bullet, doing the impossible, the only possible you thought was what you knew.

now you are treading on a journey, feeling yourself a fool.

oh why oh why? going on about worrying about every dime?

oh why oh why? there’s no sleep just not now, not for tomorrow?

the world doesn’t end if there’s not something completed but the casual attitude just doesn’t help,

colleges, schools, firms any institution makes professionals out of amateurs, what we went to school was to learn and grab the things of concern.

it politics and business now, its shrewd and thinking apart from what we were taught feels illegal .

this is the world we live in, where we can sell anything, earn from anywhere and do anything to anybody.

this is how the system is. as a toddler picks out the habits and mannerisms of elders and others, likewise have we adopted all the customs of the world whether or not it is advisable. Imitations are what works best after originals, but the main aim of the originals also lie in the hope that there is a copy of them. the unending cycle started long time back with the advent of industrial revolution and now what we are doing is taking the bends, submerging and baptizing in every wave that hits the environment.

is there a way back? ABSOLUTELY FRICKIN’ NOT!


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