how changes change

the twists and turns

the highs and lows i have come to feel them now

now have i known to see them how..

While the lows give you courage to fight and be determined

The highs teach you to stay humble…

I have not yet even begun and i feel halfway is won..

A person always remains a winner until he has lost and till then the only motivation is to stand tall and not lose

How funnily do these words come up and combine and give us a whole new meaning.

This is a new year and a new beginning but only for those who start something new at the beginning of the year

The words I heard were just words until they became real when i started living it even without my knowledge,

Words like hard work, earnings, savings, future, security, insurance. these were big words that were done by my parents and elders. now i think of investment , of expanding, of exploring all the untrodden areas of business.

we all want to do different things, when we were children, it wasn’t just one dream we wanted to fulfill but everything that we could think of and even beyond. When we grow up we cannot stop time, we never could even as children but happens is we forget what we wanted to do and what we have to. We dissolve ourselves in the thin line of what we want and what we have and spend rest of our days walking on thin ice.

That was the part where I was almost going to live my life. Where I would have been doing what I was most comfortable in but this year like its brand new beginning, it started with me with doing something new, something out of the blue and totally way out of my comfort zone. I got into business.


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