Love on TWITTER!

Love happens when you are least expecting it and that is the best part of love. That is where the magic lies. Also, falling in love with someone who you actually wouldn’t go for. I have a friend who has been in love with the same person since a very very long time. The trickiest part is it happened over TWITTER! It isn’t something unacceptable but it surprises me because I have never seen a love so true and pure. I have experienced love too but the passion that I have and the passion that my friend has is nothing comparable. I am amazed that by the use of a social media, people can be met, talked to in person, and can be taken to a whole new level. Love is the ultimate level.

We meet people, we collide, we love and mostly we fall in love but if I have heard the common phrase right then one is supposed to rise in love and not fall. But in their case, they have risen. The level of commitment is just at par.

The feeling that they feel when they hold hands, hug, share walks, sometimes in each others’ shoes, is something I can never muster up but they I tell you, are so strong that it has made me actually look for words about them and trust me i am trying my level best to find the apt ones by containing my excitement for I feel it will overpower the substance that I wish to put through.

Life is generally a bitch you know, sorry for the language but it actually is. You have experienced love yourself I am sure and they say everybody must fall in love. I do not ply with the word must, though. However, love can do great things. It is like, ” seek the truth and the truth shall set you free” but first it will piss you off. Likewise, love too can do a lot of great things but first it will consume all your energy up until you are ready for great things, but there is a catch here, great things may or may not happen. So, its risky you know.

Nonetheless, my friend I was talking about has doubts and qualms about relationships but I have sensed that passion, that unity, that attachment and the level of oneness. Not everybody is blessed with a relationship like theirs.

As happy as I am for them on the contrary, I do not wish the same kind of relationship for me or that sweet honest love for me. Consider me crazy but the beauty I sense is good but it just makes me feel it isn’t for me.

Can you beat that? What a weirdo I can be. I can feel every breath of love coming out from somebody but be not moved or touched by it but just guilty for my soul knows I cannot reciprocate, more sad for the other person for they are deceived by my look which appears like compassion. Who is the bigger fool? I leave that up to your intelligence.

And with valentine’s day around the corner, I just want to run into a cave and save myself from all the mushy awwwwwweeeeeeee!!


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