What is life full of care? We have no time to stand and stare!

Is there any chance where one can hit restart button and get a renewed life? Like the ones that happen in video games?

I want to play Mario, eat off the mushroom, grow taller, stronger and bolder.

Hit the turtles and the others and rescue the Princess. I want to find the way to the castle and build my empire. Just the way Mario does sometimes with Luigi. There will be evil dictators, there will be troubles but nothing uncontrollable and if there comes a time I don’t feel like playing, I’ll pause and resume when I want.

Childhood did not last forever. This quarter life crisis will not either but I just want to be gone. I don’t know where but somewhere where the man made world, the businesses, the works and the drill of business is just for my appreciation and not participation. I want to do great things that make sense to me and not the world. I am the submarine, in the world but not of it.

My dreams are just to travel the world, have breakfast in Tokyo and dinner in Paris. Or wake up at a place I call home and then be backpacking all through Jakarta.

I am here and not at the same time. My soul is a wanderer and it is utterly difficult to stay put n something my heart is not.

Its okay to be put out of ones comfort zone but just for realization and reaction purposes only. That is how I feel. I want to write novels sometimes anonymously sitting next to the beach against the setting sun or the sun rise, With praises for the Lord and hope and enthusiasm, contentment and appreciation for having lived the life I wanted to always.


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