Pray for Obsession

Are you the obsessed type?

when obsession becomes your prototype?

and then people call you a stereotype!

And now I am here just to type.

Dwindling through the pages of GOOGLE,

finding or trying to seek ways to measure

what I like and the intensity in my desire.

The blogs I follow are now that do not match with my nature.

people who said they liked me more than they loved me are now finding comparisons,

no longer do they fondle me with compassion.

I am a changed person they say.

I have become different they say!

I was never meant to be this kid I know,

because this is a journey, the life I am living and I do not want to explain my choices to those who do not care.

There are people like me who are like me.

Who do not want to be ruled by any, just no body.

They are the masters of their fates and they will fly, fall, take a chance and collide and stumble for a star to be born,

they will transform. I will transform.

I have feared that people will see me the way I see myself and their ignorance will hate me for the gray area I live in is persistent.

NO! They do not know how much I think about this life and the journey I am made to take forward.

The sun, the trees, the sea, the clouds, the air, Nature.

Is what I call home.

Obsessed. Yes I am, With the soul that seeks freedom.

I am not entangled in the shackles of yesterday.

I do not perceive a person as a person but as a soul or an entity, a character built on choices,

preferences and circumstances.

Habits of theirs do not hurt me much for I know they are reckless, ignorant and learning.

I pray for the souls, here and departed.

One day they too shall realize that sense of freedom does not come with age but with time.

Their calling is yet to come and one day they will see the dawn breaking beyond the twilight brightness.

Beyond the harness of the obligations of the world heaved by this man made society which appears so real like everything was made by humans.

I pray for their obsession(s).


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