Deception Point

When you hope for gratuity from life, from God, the universe,  you give something before you expect. When you have given more than your soul for less than a quarter,  you feel you are worthy of what you receive and make peace with what you have, being unaware of what you are capable of achieving.

True worth of a soul cannot be bottled down to a mere value, number or amount. But souls do have a value that are measured in terms of affection, care, understanding and respect.

A morally degraded person is usually the one who has been a witness to the grim reality and dual faces of nature Especially the negative people and somehow succumbs to the mishaps created by the other, usually within the family and later in relationships.

To exemplify,  a child falls victim to an overbearing parent because the parent  is delusional and assumes oneself to be a victim of some situation or person. An alcoholic husband, a charlatan wife,  an insecure man, an egotist woman, and all the vices that one cannot handle or control.

The husband blames the significant other for the dissatisfactions that he has and so does wife. An unforgiving trait that causes the blames and jeopardising the child, the only witness who gets more confused and irritated.

This nature is mainly seen in Narcissistic parents.

The parent – child psychology or reversal of roles is most significant in these cases.

The child turns prey to this malign domestic environment. The behavioural patterns of parents affect the child so much that the child loses sanity and decision making quality.

What normal people consider nuisance are the deep seated turmoils in a human mind.

Diseases like Depression,  Anxiety, Deviance, Denial,  Post Trauma Stress Disorder are some of the consequences bore by the child due to the parents who suffer from Narcissistic Parent Disorder.

The word ‘Parentification’ is here when comes to play. This significant role of Parentification is mainly due to Narcissism and for that Narcissistic behaviour has to be understood as much more than just self obsession.

Parentification is a dangerous trait in parents where they expect their children or child to take care of them despite them being totally able. The child is to look after their parents instead of the other way around. This parentification can take the form of the child being expected to meet physical needs far beyond their age, such as doing the household chores, minding the younger siblings,  house errands etc.

It can also take the form of a child being the confidant of the parent and take care of parent’s emotional needs and handling too much personal information.

The concern lies in the child having to sacrificing and having to made believe that they are to sacrifice for their parents for their parents wellbeing so that their parents can have the life they want. When it is the sacrifices that parents make so that their children can have the life they deserve.

The child is bound to have turbulences while facing challenges while growing up, the right and wrong, the dos and don’ts, unhinged emotions, and lack of making boundaries, inability in differentiating touches and sentiments are noticed primarily. The need to seek advice and guidance and the person who is the most sought for help will be very near yet so far.

Then where should the perpetually disturbed child who grew up into an adult with an erased existence look towards?

That is when the realization dawns and every bogus relationship comes crumbling down. The fact that was considered helpful turns out to be a facade, the fort turns out as a wall with three sides open, solidarity turns into a word and meaning just removed.

The beliefs that were built with passing time were actually the things that confused more and the love and protection was a way to be let in to be used again and again.

That is the moment where one’s life comes flashing and all the mistakes, all the moments,  all the time one feels deceived, used, cheated, lied, strangled,  manipulated and erased.

This is Deception Point.


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