Tragedies end when some one dies

I have not been a fool for you but of love, i’d say

Strange stories that lie in my head

I act through indecisive emotions,

What has the age come of when i feel I need to say

Say that those days of letters are gone and love is just another word to advocate

Have i been honest? You question

I have not an answer but an ache

Where does the misery lie in a heart break

Is it in the reason or the foundation I helped you lay?

do I make it sound so complicated

That these words don’t hit your brain?

Not tingle your senses when I question where is the good in good bye

Not make you cry when I ask why me of all the things I did for you to stay?

These words are plain words that fall like gravity pulls them

I can’t figure why the explanation when nothing was meant to be said

the heart and the soul, two adjoining, two somehow parallel 

The heart and mind, so bipolar.

Every relationship feels special when it begins,

Respect, understanding, we all demand then happen to be cribbing

Because you gave me your heart,

Because I gave you mine.

Because we had each other,

even though when time began changing.

No it wasn’t the time, it wasn’t the love,

it was us

Because we started growing.

We fall in a certain age,

Sustain till another..

Then we know it was never meant to be

Because we never knew who were yet to become…

Your soul and my soul knew each other long before we knew ourselves,

Then I checked my watch to realize it stopped long before I started breathing.

Tragedies end when someone dies.

It ends with the word itself.

With the death of something that was dead even before it had begun.

long way before it began….


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