Utopia of a woman.

Be a lady, they said,

People would notice, they said.

It wasn’t people,

It wasn’t others.

It wasn’t the need for me to be a lady at all.

It was the idea of power to confine, limit and restrict.

Them people who told me, 

The men whose eyes devoured me,

Them guys who could not hold it all within them

Those parents who taught to differentiate,

Those mothers who said boys can be anything and girls could not.

Where do the girls go? 

Where do they say what they need to?

Why does the world hate girls so much?

Can this world function with just men?

In Germany the car refuses to take instructions from a female voice.

In India, female infanticide happens every second.

All over the world, acid attacks are rampant.

Misogyny is just a word with a meaning,

But how meaningful is it really to the world?

The people are changing, time is too.

Fear is when you are scared of stepping out of your house for no reason,

Feeling you are always watched, 

Calculated at every move,

Questioned for every right.

Negated, rejected, condoned, 

Taking caution yet being able to talk, dress, aspire and walk without that fear is courage.

That courage only the feared can feel.

Only a woman can.

There is no fault in being who you are.

They say God made us, They worship God,

They pray.

Then they discard but not throw.

They keep on returning to use, abuse, blame, shout, reprimand.

At home, in the office, work. with children, with parents, grandparents, who ever under the sun,

A woman is always attached to someone’s relation. 

Who is she out of that?

She is somebody.

If you have the answer, that is how you exactly call her.

They need us.

When one woman becomes a victim of rape, its not just she. Its the entire womanhood, its the entire manhood.

If a man degrades, its a fall of humanity.

Wrong is wrong but terms and conditions are applicable.

Nobody remembers to read the terms and conditions.

That is where the trickery lies.

There are a certain group who love, respect, adore and treat women the way they should be,

There are a few and may be that is where the entire humanity has been clinging onto.

The scales are uneven but that is how it has been going on.

May be there will come a time when everyone will realize,

if not they will be filtered to another era where women and men are not unequal but there lies no debate, not to this topic, not to chauvinism, to misogyny and inequality.

May be there will come a time where if I woman chooses to smoke publicly will be noted as a health caution and not societal or familial,

Where a woman can walk around wearing what she wills and not be labelled,

Where a woman wants to go and come at her own leisure,

Get married to the person she wants and not be a typecast.

Where she can be who she wants to irrespective of how she looks, what she eats and how she behaves.

Where the most studious girl is not an epitome of being a good girl

and where there is no differentiate between the good girl and the bad.

Where there is no prototype or a progeny woman. 

This is the utopia of a woman,

This is my Utopia.

I am a woman.


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