It isn’t love honey, its respect!

I am not a doll, 

Don’ t think I am your trophy, boy

You did not win me over.

There was not anything to charm.

Don’t call me babe,

I am not your sugar and spice,

I don’t come with all things nice,

I am not the one who walks away,

There are miles for us to share.

I will give you my all, love

I love you so effortlessly.

But again I’d double check with you, sweety.

‘Cuz all I demand is respect,

I work 9-5 even after that,

i don’t have time for fun.

I do the chores, clean the mess,

pay the rent, even pay your bills.

I hear you scream and yell..

When I let loose, I feel your hand on my head,

knocking me to the ground and you don’t stop till I play dead.

I pour myself a drink,  put on some lipstick,

wear the dress that hangs in the closet since a year.

Heels! Oh yes..

I walk out, I walk out,,

I walk out from your charade

No bruises, no pain, no aches because these things are so hard to define.

There is not trust without us, 

But I will take the chances,

I will keep on calling on you to take my name

but not in vain..

Because honey, love don’t keep us together,

respect does,

Yes it does!


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