Oblivion is what we despise.

As I reflect back onto my past, I feel that there has been such a long journey with the most unpredictable things. But what is so different, unusual or viral about my life? Its just as plain and simple as anybody else’s. What does something mean to me than anything apart from you or another?

I have no clue so as to where this thought came to my mind at the moment. But do you not feel that as we just want to live a common life, given the fact that so many people are deprived of. We think what we have because of most people who do not, that in a way also curtails of what we can have. A pessimist would look at it as greed. But if you take this in just the way I say it, then you would understand that I do not wish to imply any negative word or meaning.

It also means that you should be okay with what you have because someone else has it worse. Where is the upliftment in that? Where? Does that not curtail you and limit your possibilities to achieve more, to push yourself, to strive more because we are not infallible, neither immortal nor perfect. Perfection is itself a flawed word.

All of this and, don’t you feel the want for us to be recognized, identified and exalted in someway is all that we actually want? Who are we? Ask again. Who are you? Who am I?

Every second, what is happening is we are fading to oblivion. Some people do not remember us anymore. Some friends won’t call on us, some habits our dear ones will not remember at all. Some piece is always missing. It is also the same with us because we do not remember them anymore. You know where the real struggle is? Why there is even a struggle at all?

It is for all the things we expect from all the things we do. We want, we crave, we expect, we demand and don’t stop because we do not want to be forgotten.


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