Like A phoenix, all shall rise…

When all words fail, when sorrow accumulates and tenderly forms creases

the pale cheeks forget to smile, 

the eyes know not how to see sunlight

When the world does not know your name…..there is so much for a little fame

phoA seeker, a student, a teacher, a leader,

A finder, a giver, a provider, a collector,

A politician, a preacher, a believer, an achiever!

An actor, a fighter, a soldier………….

……………through the pain to the light, to be a winner!

So much said, so much done, 

Miles ahead even when there seems none..

Hanging to the thread, the last straw, 

Holding onto the world, when the world is all alone..

Dark alleys, backyards and abandoned hallways,

A single soul hovering through the filth of doom and despair

A vile imagery, repugnant imagination, 

When the dead end meets a shore.

Is hope so hopeful,

Is God so close and truthful?

Are relationships closer than its supposed to?

Are parents refined as they are meant to ?

Alive but rarely breathing,

The rain they say, is calming..

Falling down to the ground,

Rising from the ashes,

Changing, Changing, Changing…. 


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