Social media, a stigma

So I have an Instagram account where I had posted pictures of my likes and some those troubled me. In a relative amount of time, I realized none of that was necessary.Posting pictures over a social network to gain appreciation or criticism based on how people perceive them also allows them a free passage to let them judge oneself. And no body likes being judged.

So i deleted some pictures ruthlessly and to my surprise felt so light and good. This is how strong the impact of social media has turned out to be. They manipulate us into believing an illusion. Where friends are people who like and comment on our lifestyle. We base strength of a relationship on the kind of photograph we post online with a catchy caption and a few hash tags.

This is a state of conundrum. A statute passed on by media especially the social media where a hundred likes on a picture means one is “popular”. The status quo, the need to share every detail, where you have your lunch, dinner or go for dates, spend money, the kind of labels you adore, the make up sets, clothes etc. The have-nots of the society also feel obligated to fit into this band wagon and indulge accordingly, rather succumb.

This is what the generation has come up to. You want what others are doing, the places they are visiting, you want to be there, everywhere. But there is a glitch, not all things fancy that we see are actually the life people are living. We post only those that people would think is “cool”, and if we are doing this then they are doing exactly the same thing.

The hype, the illusion is all a mirage. This lifestyle is bogus. When you come down from the filters and see the real self of others, you get to see the real you and then you know that there was a veil which the framed social media has put on us like a spell. Breaking this tradition has come to be a necessity because once Einstein once thought too that one day technology would come in between humans and would eat up all the need to have a real communication.Of course, I am putting this in my own words, literally paraphrasing but truth was told.

I no longer feel obligated to “post” anything on a social media anymore unless I feel there is an utter need or if my sharing can bring about a change or invoke an ounce of a thought in somebody’s mind. But again, the chaos and normalcy is also an illusion because the kind of posts i post may be totally against somebody’s principles.

The need to debate, put it across on a forum, sharing of opinions, for example a video that came out recently in India by a renowned film actress based on the choices a woman was entitled to in living her life was solely based on human choices that anybody can make irrespective of gender and class. The debates were made, spoof videos were posted. Critiques voiced their opinions and it was taken as a hate video for men.

My point is nobody takes anything on how the item is portrayed anymore. Some things no not have any ulterior motives but  only that which has been displayed. The social media again heightens every move, idea or thought to such a level that it ceases to bring the main idea to focal point.

There are numerous sites on the internet today that we might have not heard of ever. The majority of the human population now depends on the internet. It is now a stigma that one owns an internet connection at home, offices, schools or any institution of establishment. 10% of the work is actually done on the internet. But it is a must.

The sites that are on the web might not be known to many but someone, somewhere does and they are viewing it, they are streaming it, downloading it and viewing it, sharing it and preaching it. This is really a wide web that is more intricate than a spider could ever weave. Like small gnats and insects everyone is falling prey to this and struggling in one way or the other.


One thought on “Social media, a stigma

  1. Eventually in life you end up having nothing but yourself…if your lucky. When your looks are gone and new clothes don’t look so good on you anymore and that new car is just feeding into midlife crises most people fall flat.

    It’s so important to have a good character, inner peace and true fulfillment. It’s a foundation you can always fall back on.


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