In a world of ratios, numbers, costs, profits, margins and balance sheets, I find myself truly out of place. A misfit. Where people go by the norms, they follow every “right” and “wrong” religiously. I do not believe in the theory of right and wrong, in the same way, I do not believe every religion because I know, what is right for a lion is wrong for a goat. To eat and be eaten. In the same manner, the Creator who created these beings was in full sense to actually do so. Therefore, my point is, I do not think that God, as most of us know as, did not make these norms. The people who wanted to control other people, bring under suppression were the masterminds.

But all of us know this. I am, however, not against any messenger of God. I believe in the messages rigorously and I do not have any doubts in in how many days was the world created neither in the miracles of any of them. I am a spiritual being and feel that all things have souls, all things are created with love and thought, with a purpose and with some meaning somewhere. But with the increasing population, I sometimes wonder if people are really created with a purpose on an individual plane. If I look at things in a collective manner, they seem to make more sense, like the happy people and the sad people, the rich and the poor, the ups and downs etc. But how do we know who is rich and poor, how do we define being poor and rich, how do we define happy and sad? That is the place I live in, in the gray zone. Where the answer lies in the question and the question is but an illusion. 

photo courtesy: pop sugar
photo courtesy: pop sugar

Have you wondered what would happen if everybody slowed down? Or if we went back in ages and started all over again? I am not against progression. But this race that we are running to achieve something appears very futile to me. We are going somewhere, but where is that? We want the best of things, the best of people, the best of days. Sure, nobody wants any trouble of any kind but what is to happen if we don’t actually get the best that is in town but the best that is meant to suit our lives? The main collision in our life happens when expectations do not meet what we receive. But we forget we get those things that we need because we haven’t seen the bigger picture. That is where faith comes in. Faith in the unseen, faith in a larger power, faith in somebody supreme.

I dream of a life not just for me but for everyone. I can’t help , I am a romantic.  I dream of Utopia and to quote Mr. Thomas More, “Kindness and good nature unite men more effectually and with greater strength than any agreements whatsoever, since thereby the engagements of men’s hearts become stronger than the bond and obligation of words.”


I hope someday all of us will see beyond things that are man made,will come together as one for humanity’s sake. If not humanity, then for the love of the Creator who created all beings equally. So, if all of us loved the Creator as much as we said we did, then we would love everyone in the same way. 
We would not hurt animals or be scared of them. Yes some are deadly. But some are such that they run for their lives from the deadliest animals i.e human beings. I hope for a kinder world, where people talked more about what hurts and what does not, about things we want to say and not be judged, tell things with honesty and not rebuke anybody. A drug free world, a hatred free society, a free world without borders, without security because there is no threat, 

Is it just me who feels that we won’t live forever so lets just be happy and spread happiness?
Is it just me who rejoices in the rain and the wind, the sunshine and the dust?
Is it just me who thinks that ISIS is stupid and World War III is a possibility?

Everybody feels happy, sad, pain, hurt. No body is deprived of emotions but why do people give in more to anger, to hate, to apathy? It frustrates me, but I hope I am not the only one. 

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