Condolences and Support.

I cannot sleep tonight, 
And neither can I weave words of sadness and beauty.

Sadness because Nepal, beautiful Nepal and her capital, Kathmandu are in crumbles
And the beauty that now needs  to be restored.

Dear Readers,

          I am sure by now the world has to come that Nepal has been hit by an earthquake with 7.8 magnitude, which lasted for almost a minute due to which more than 1000 lives were lost and many casualties reported. The buildings collapsed, historic monuments and temples came down to ground. 

I will be uploading a few pictures of the catastrophe. It has broken my heart to realize that the lives that are always lost are those of the innocent beings. The after shocks are still mortifying people and the tremors have shook people to the core. They have reported that the trauma has caused them to feel the vibrations even when there is nothing actually happening. The aftermath seems to be horrific as parts of North India like Delhi, the capital of India, Lucknow, Calcutta and Darjeeling were affected and parts of Sikkim also felt the tremors. 

The epicenter was 34kms. ESE of Lamjung, Nepal, according to the U.S Geographical Survey. There were Everest climbers on the base where an avalanche occurred due to the same earthquake. It has been a traumatizing experience for all of us. We pray for their safe return from their expedition. 

This calamity also feels like a message the Universe might be sending us. Only time will tell. Till then we need to restore Nepal back to its sanctity and peace. The total cost of the damage is 30 percent more than Nepal’s GDP. 
At this point of time, I seek help from all of you so that we can help a nation come back to its normalcy, 

My friends, who are reading this in India, below is the link to make donations for the cause. It is the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, all donations are made sure to reach the victims.

Other links to make donations are:

Let us come together as one, and do our tiny bit to lend a helping hand. Please pray for Nepal. 

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                                                                                                                                                                       Thank you . 


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