Tonight, I write again in despair and sadness. I have not been able to have my dinner and afford sleep. I am thinking of all the victims in Nepal and how they are homeless, sleeping outside in the cold and dependent on foreign help. 
It weighs my heart to down to think that Nepal, a country so beautiful and at peace with every other nation is now fighting a tough battle, It is wounded and there still lies beauty in this situation because the world has come together for a cause. 
   So, I am wondering that people beyond borders actually can come together for one cause, for one reason, the reason being Humanity. All of us are the same so what makes these borders so strong that they divide, cause a rift and allow us to make differences. If this earthquake has provoked anything in me then that is the thought of futility again. We chase, we run, we hanker and at last, there is mother nature. The one who gets run down and impaled in the race we are running. The irony is such that, what we ignore comes back to get at us.

Most of us think about this and then shove it away because fear is too strong and too deep, the loss is too unbearable and the greed immeasurable  The fact still remains, the truth still there, non touched. 

We as humans need to think that all of us are in this together. I am pretty sure that today the world stands in solidarity with this predicament. Its happening all around the globe, so I am pretty sure this is happening for a very good reason.

Stay safe everybody, Don’t forget to pray. 


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