This is not a poem of angst.

Tonight, as the world is gradually putting itself to sleep.
I know there is somebody crying, putting up in weeps.

It is the world that hurts, its the people who kill.

Insensitivity is it or lack of ethics,
The word “humanity” is here with no meaning.

If God can see, then does it not wrench his heart when he sees what he sees?

So much gore.
Its cruel to the core.
No life is not all things nice.
Its not life that troubles, it is the people.

Does God also feel he signed up for this?
He made these people.
Now does he feel proud to call us his?

I am sad. And world needs to know there are many sad people because of them.

I am sad because I saw a chicken being sliced to pieces.

When I say chicken, I mean a bird, a being.
Not a dish served up on your platter.

I am sad because I saw a man throwing lit matches on a dog.
I am sad because I spoke against that and the man was not ashamed.
I am sad because men look at me as food.
I am sad because I am a woman.
I am sad because I live in a country where womanhood is a curse.
I am sad because I thought I could do something about this.
I am sad because I cannot.

Yes, I am not okay with what you call okay.
I am not okay with people eating animals, someday they will start eating people literally.

I am not okay with slander, abuse and misogyny.
I am not okay with anybody thinking a woman needs to be put in a place.

If this is the world of today, If this world is progressing, I wish I retrograde,

Better I wish I were dead.

But O God! Doesn’t your heart break?

O God! Where are you among this haze?

They built temples of marbles and put them in their houses, put on Gods gold, silver and some money.
Temples, o yes, they did build.

Hearts, they sold to the devil!


12 thoughts on “This is not a poem of angst.

  1. Its because we have lost ethics ,yell me one Institution all over world where ethics care taught ,tell me one religion where its told to respect all others no , they don’t because they don’t earn from there ,they are taught to be minting machine whose status is known by houses ,cars and cash ,so leave hope and don’t be disappointed worst is still to come , more rapes ,more gruesome murders ,more debauchery, don’t think I am pessimistic ,I am realist ,I should work on protecting me and my dear ones as this world is getting worse than jungle no ethics .


      1. Yes its truth , so what do you expect this world will be a better place ,I guess no because we don’t have role models like Gandhi, Luther king rather we have role models like Madonna, Britney spears etc


      2. not necessarily. and role models don’t help. Dont forget Gandhi ji is respected only in notes. PK was right! and values and ethics are bogus here. Everybody is self-centered in India. Or rather, there are issues that they think is not important because they have other things to do


      3. No its up to you that you follow a role model or just do propaganda as swach Bharat is more of propaganda ,cleanliness is very personal thing and everyone loves clean environment and does his best to keep surrounding clean provided he is capable of thinking ,unfortunately we in India have more illiterate people who don’t know importance of hygiene


      4. Not only in India all over world people are self centered ,do you think there are no rapes in USA or Europe from Madonna to Oprah all have been raped , we in India make hue and cry , my thinking is global I want whole world to be safe not only for females but for everyone


      5. Regarding slaughtering I guess whole west is alive because they eat non veg there is nothing wrong in eating non veg ,though its not healthy medically but then in countries like Norway its not possible to survive without non veg severe cold no vegetation


      6. We can never justify rape ,as its against once wish else sex is natural and necessary for procreation ,but what is the solution ,we can’t put females in houses ,we need to teach ethics to all that respect each and every human body and soul


      7. Someday.. we will reach that utopia. until then keeping the faith alive and putting the faith in actions. It was lovely knowing that there are people who are not okay. Lets not be okay and bring about the change.


      8. I wish that day comes early as I don’t want to see more rapes ,more debauchery ,more blood shed ,more terrorism ,I want this place ,whole world to be a beautiful place ,loveable and liveable


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