Far from being so close to you!

If I keep you on the edge of my heart, 
You may fall.
If I keep you in the centre,
You may sink.

Where do I keep you?
Do you want to be here just here at all, within?

But I choose now, I choose to keep you in memories.
Not a day goes by without me turning those pages,
Covered in laces and tear stained pillows,
In my dreams and in the pain, I hid.

A gust of wind, a certain smell,
A sudden voice, 
A chaotic calm.

It goes back to the day where fate took a turn.
The clash of rides, 
The angst and curiosity is what made me find you,
To lose you..forever..

Your memories taught me more than your presence ever could.
It have learned, 
Time, Patience, Magic, Love and Eternity.

You couldn’t have taught me this. 
You couldn’t have bore the hurt I did.
You couldn’t have withstood this feeling.

Nobody warned me,
It is a shame.
Nobody said.
It is sad.

You are far, far away from how near I am to you.
So this is a goodbye.
I bid my adieu.


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