“All you need is love.
Why don’t you learn human language?”, I said.

“You understand my need, why can’t there be people who understand more like you?”, said the dog.

“I wish I could do more for you.”

“You have  loved me. That is enough.”

“But there are so many out there. I want to reach out.”

“You alone cannot be enough but there are many like you who love and understand, who feel and who believe. Most of my friends are savored as dishes, they are enjoyed and humans cannot feel the pain they feel. It is sad I too am made to perform on them but I am not a human. Humans have a choice.”

“Humans sure do, but they say they cannot be healthy without meat.”

“Do you eat meat?”


“How come you are alive still?”

“Hmmm..I get your point.”

“If I live on grass, which I cannot, I will die. There is no life like that for me. I understand the differences, I know what is meant to be and what is not. I do not hurt someone who loves me and still they call me the animal.”

“What do you suggest?”

“I do not have suggestions. This world is huge, most of my peers are mistreated, they are made to fight for money, they are taught and trained, they are used by the military and put to sleep after service, they are beaten on the streets, played around with, messed with to show their strength, and still they call me the animal. When the world loses a dog, it shows their is a heaven above. When a dog is killed, it shows there is a hell down below. It is not for one human or a group of humans to bring a change. If you feel the way you do for me then keep me till I am old, stay with me in my troubles, pamper me and spoil me, let me lick you on your face because I love you, don’t lock me in a room when you get visitors, don’t throw food at me, don’t curse me, tell someone not to curse me, share pictures of me, love me. It will work, one step at a time.”

“I am here.”

“You have always been. I will say to you dear friend, you humans are twisted. You think you know, but you don’t. You cannot barely love your fellow humans even when you speak the same language or stay in the same house. I have loved despite being mistreated, I have come despite being kicked, I have honored, despite being humiliated, I have been loyal despite being forgotten. Yet they call me the dog, a curse word.”


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