Let’s Build A Wall!

My dear friends,

I am thankful for all the support I am getting from you all. I have known that nothing gives more joy than being a part of somebody’s life and knowing you have been able to contribute in such subtle ways that molds a character that you never had any inkling of.
I am a part of such a company which believes in relentless commitment to making someone else’s lives better. The entire functioning of the company works on ideas that are worked out carefully, keeping everybody’s free will in mind. I have been working here for three weeks now and you will not believe the kind of energy I have received lately. It is one phenomenal place.

The recent earthquake in Nepal, shook the world. Nepal is still convalescing and the people have our best wishes. But since the whole world was coming together for the cause, how could our company stay back? The entire office got together on the streets, played music, raised funds, purchased necessary items and a team volunteered to go to Nepal with those goods. Some more were sent just yesterday.

You know the world has come to this that if there are no good people in the world, it is a must to become one ourselves. It is so rare to find kindness because so many are confined in the walls of duty and something that does not fit in their bill is considered baggage. But no body can wait on forever for somebody else to start, to join the league. There has to be spontaneity. It has to be now.

One of the projects of our company is “Wall o Books”, where a library is made in the simplest way possible and so far twenty six have been running smoothly. The aim for this year is to maximize the libraries to hundred. So, the libraries have books for children and the children from the locality or near by area come and gather and rejoice in reading and sharing experiences. A librarian, we call him or her the “Little Librarian’, is also chosen so that they get the drive to keep on coming to the library and they enjoy learning. These children are between the age group of five-thirteen.

These libraries can be adopted by anyone and they can take authority. A number of people have opted for this option as well, while some choose to support monetarily only by donating and funding.
These children are from poor families, their parents are daily wage earners. These children go to schools that are taken care by NGOs. Thankfully, they have been learning English and other subjects in schools.

There is such joy that is found in them that we cannot fathom. There was once an instance where only one child, among the other children in the library, had a polythene bag as a school bag and he put his school books in it and he was afraid to leave it anywhere because he was frightened that somebody might steal it. When the children were gathering for a photo session, he was unwilling to let go of his “School bag.” A polythene bag for a school bag to put books in.
They use pencils with the length of cigarette stubs. They do not feel sad about that, rather feel content.

The streak of curiosity and desire to learn, the contentment and pleasure in nothingness bewildered me. How innocent and far away from how the world can be. Their world was what we ignore. What no body thinks of. Their world, an absurdity for the affluent, a treasure in the goose egg for destitute.

Here are some photographs

wall3 wall2 giveusbooks wall1

You can check the blue “Wall o Books” which is the link to our crowd funding site to make donations Wall O Books . We cannot do this alone, the children cannot fight this battle alone and there is a war out there that only we can end.
I will look forward to your generosity and love. Lets build one library at a time, together.
Help us reach 100 libraries this year. You can see the full details of Wall O Books on Facebook, Wall O Books on Facebook and can also join our group Friends of Wall O Books (Group). Let’s build a wall.

Love, Amira.xx


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