In a fuzzy crowd!

So long since I have been able to keep my head strong
In the fuzzy crowd, I see a stranger, Asking for alms.
I buy him a ticket and hand him some money,
I hope he makes it home.
Inexplicably, comes a gust of feelings so hard,
Rejoicing I cannot contain myself,
Lucky I consider those who have the shelter,
With a protection to keep them forever.

Naught is what I have, looking for principles, I came to a climax
The world called them elders,
Some called them family,
Some called them fathers.

A patriarchal society one would call.
I feel an anchor,
That needs a reckon.
A guide, a rudder, a pilot.

Influences or inspirations,
I derive, in the way to give it back to them.
No hurt, no pain, no shame.
Happiness in their name.
An environment for them to breathe,
A park for them to stroll,
A garden to feel,
A memory to cherish,
A montage of life that they passed on.

I have seen shame in love,
No shame in violence though.
I have seen anger in hurt,
No hurt in pain though.
I have seen some of what they showed me.
I have seen the best person given by God,
I call her Mommy!

My mommy, your mommy, his mommy, her mommy.
Daddy here, daddy there, daddy somewhere.
Some spread love while some give hate.Hate produces hurt, hurt makes hate.
The world is wounded and band aids don’t help!
I long to give them love, so that they don’t make a child, a mother, a woman abused.
A son, a father, a husband bruised.

Its an elders world and what we give is what we reciprocate.
An image to carry, an idea to utilize, a world to bereave is that all that we are?
A child is the father of the man.
Soon, the father loses itself,
The child finds himself.

Time is ticking and all that we are left with will be ruins.
The oil, the gold, the money,
None of that matter, no honey
None of that matters, to save our souls.
None of that matters to save our souls!!


Trust yourself

Do you know how important is it for you to trust yourself?
They judge you,
They slander you,
Censure you and humiliate you,
Because they think they know you.
Fret not, darlings, this is not the end.

You stand tall.

You know why?
Because you are brave.
From the vena cava to the cerebellum, if there is a thought that tells you otherwise,
recall darlings, those are just reflections,
Those are what people fed you up with,
Their insecurities, their guilt, their fear, their failures.
They are the reflection that you hear in the dark,
They are the ones who tell you to fear the dark.
They are the demons you hear inside of you
No, darlings, there is nothing wrong with you.

They mistake strength for weakness,
Help for love,and kindness for hypocrisy,
Achievements they have not.
Success they worry not.
Ambition they want not.

Cynicism is not in you,
Cynicism is what they feed you.
Take it out,
Take it out.
See, oh go and see the world.
The ones who have not are the ones telling you to.
But darlings, listen to those who have come out of struggle,

Listen to those who have a clear mind,
Listen to those who know and do not confuse you.
This is your life.
People will bring you down.
They will tell what they know,
What they think is right.
But you don’t need them.
This is your story and no one knows this better than you.

Don’t be afraid to pause,
Seek help when you need to,
Take a detour,
Be Brave.
Have Courage,

Don’t forget to be kind
But above all trust yourself.
You can fight these demons.
Trust yourself, darlings.