If you ever read this…

When love was the only thing that grew,
Distance always seemed cruel.
How can you be gone,
To a world anew?

Because I went astray,
You turned unfeasible.
Those days now turned to memories,
Memories so livid.

I want you to know,
if you ever read this,
that I think about you.
More often than you care,
More often than I should haste.

There is no burial of this truth,
Menacingly,I try to tell you,
More so to destroy,
what you built, after you went away from me.

Can you hear the noise of my anklets?
Do you feel your heart skip a beat?
Do you think of the one you love the most before you go to sleep?
Have I ever kept you awake all night?

Do you hide a tear that you shed in my name?
Will you embrace me again?
It’s time to let it go…let it go… let it go along with you..
I’m tying a balloon, marking it and seeing you off,
silent prayer, a warm kiss and a gentle hug of hope and thought that if you were to come,
you will find me.. Find me again…


A box.

There is a box.
It feels, what it says.
Thinks, and acts,
Perceives, what it adapts.

This box is here.
But there isn’t a time, or a duration.
It has sensors,
It hears what is said,
Imbibes what is seen,
Accumulates what it notices.

A gift was once passed down to what couldn’t be contained in one,
One box.
The box couldn’t be rigid,
Neither too flexible.
It was made to stand.
Stand on itself,
On the wind and rain,
Or the hail and sunshine.

The box, traveled far off places,
To distant lands,
It heard, saw, spoke, it acquired.

Then the box was changed but set forth for the same journey.
The box continued but never came back to the start.
The box never even hit a finish line.
It reverted in a new cover, all the time.
And each time, no one knew what it was,
How it was.
No one was there.
Every one was new too.


I take a chance on me,
I take a chance on free falling.

I break the chains of agony.
I decide.
Decide to be free.

Life has come a long way,
It is for me to now take a leap of faith.

Scared to venture,
Scared to commit.
A recluse to the core.

I am done with uncertainty.
From picking up the pieces
Joining the stories with no end,
I am done waiting for a miracle.
I don’t need no saving.

The vultures inside gnaw
They can’t hurt.
Its gone..Gone with the wind..

I look towards the light and darkness is dispelled.
I become the light,
I am light.

I take a chance on me.
I am free.


There is a sudden twitch in my palms,
Which says I must write to forewarn.

A sweet letter or a love song?
May be a melody, is that wrong?

Let me fix the words,
Put it together in short.
Calculate the pentameter.
Oh wait! I’m lost!

Turning around,
Hang on
I am not done.
Let us sing a song.
Do you remember when beautifully the sun shone,
The stars twinkled and the sky was clear?
I miss those ballads,
When earth was pure and so were hearts.
This is what I want to talk about,
This is what I want to sing about.
No I am not lost,
Just muzzled in the smog!

Far from being so close to you!

If I keep you on the edge of my heart, 
You may fall.
If I keep you in the centre,
You may sink.

Where do I keep you?
Do you want to be here just here at all, within?

But I choose now, I choose to keep you in memories.
Not a day goes by without me turning those pages,
Covered in laces and tear stained pillows,
In my dreams and in the pain, I hid.

A gust of wind, a certain smell,
A sudden voice, 
A chaotic calm.

It goes back to the day where fate took a turn.
The clash of rides, 
The angst and curiosity is what made me find you,
To lose you..forever..

Your memories taught me more than your presence ever could.
It have learned, 
Time, Patience, Magic, Love and Eternity.

You couldn’t have taught me this. 
You couldn’t have bore the hurt I did.
You couldn’t have withstood this feeling.

Nobody warned me,
It is a shame.
Nobody said.
It is sad.

You are far, far away from how near I am to you.
So this is a goodbye.
I bid my adieu.