Trust yourself

Do you know how important is it for you to trust yourself?
They judge you,
They slander you,
Censure you and humiliate you,
Because they think they know you.
Fret not, darlings, this is not the end.

You stand tall.

You know why?
Because you are brave.
From the vena cava to the cerebellum, if there is a thought that tells you otherwise,
recall darlings, those are just reflections,
Those are what people fed you up with,
Their insecurities, their guilt, their fear, their failures.
They are the reflection that you hear in the dark,
They are the ones who tell you to fear the dark.
They are the demons you hear inside of you
No, darlings, there is nothing wrong with you.

They mistake strength for weakness,
Help for love,and kindness for hypocrisy,
Achievements they have not.
Success they worry not.
Ambition they want not.

Cynicism is not in you,
Cynicism is what they feed you.
Take it out,
Take it out.
See, oh go and see the world.
The ones who have not are the ones telling you to.
But darlings, listen to those who have come out of struggle,

Listen to those who have a clear mind,
Listen to those who know and do not confuse you.
This is your life.
People will bring you down.
They will tell what they know,
What they think is right.
But you don’t need them.
This is your story and no one knows this better than you.

Don’t be afraid to pause,
Seek help when you need to,
Take a detour,
Be Brave.
Have Courage,

Don’t forget to be kind
But above all trust yourself.
You can fight these demons.
Trust yourself, darlings.


Let’s Build A Wall!

My dear friends,

I am thankful for all the support I am getting from you all. I have known that nothing gives more joy than being a part of somebody’s life and knowing you have been able to contribute in such subtle ways that molds a character that you never had any inkling of.
I am a part of such a company which believes in relentless commitment to making someone else’s lives better. The entire functioning of the company works on ideas that are worked out carefully, keeping everybody’s free will in mind. I have been working here for three weeks now and you will not believe the kind of energy I have received lately. It is one phenomenal place.

The recent earthquake in Nepal, shook the world. Nepal is still convalescing and the people have our best wishes. But since the whole world was coming together for the cause, how could our company stay back? The entire office got together on the streets, played music, raised funds, purchased necessary items and a team volunteered to go to Nepal with those goods. Some more were sent just yesterday.

You know the world has come to this that if there are no good people in the world, it is a must to become one ourselves. It is so rare to find kindness because so many are confined in the walls of duty and something that does not fit in their bill is considered baggage. But no body can wait on forever for somebody else to start, to join the league. There has to be spontaneity. It has to be now.

One of the projects of our company is “Wall o Books”, where a library is made in the simplest way possible and so far twenty six have been running smoothly. The aim for this year is to maximize the libraries to hundred. So, the libraries have books for children and the children from the locality or near by area come and gather and rejoice in reading and sharing experiences. A librarian, we call him or her the “Little Librarian’, is also chosen so that they get the drive to keep on coming to the library and they enjoy learning. These children are between the age group of five-thirteen.

These libraries can be adopted by anyone and they can take authority. A number of people have opted for this option as well, while some choose to support monetarily only by donating and funding.
These children are from poor families, their parents are daily wage earners. These children go to schools that are taken care by NGOs. Thankfully, they have been learning English and other subjects in schools.

There is such joy that is found in them that we cannot fathom. There was once an instance where only one child, among the other children in the library, had a polythene bag as a school bag and he put his school books in it and he was afraid to leave it anywhere because he was frightened that somebody might steal it. When the children were gathering for a photo session, he was unwilling to let go of his “School bag.” A polythene bag for a school bag to put books in.
They use pencils with the length of cigarette stubs. They do not feel sad about that, rather feel content.

The streak of curiosity and desire to learn, the contentment and pleasure in nothingness bewildered me. How innocent and far away from how the world can be. Their world was what we ignore. What no body thinks of. Their world, an absurdity for the affluent, a treasure in the goose egg for destitute.

Here are some photographs

wall3 wall2 giveusbooks wall1

You can check the blue “Wall o Books” which is the link to our crowd funding site to make donations Wall O Books . We cannot do this alone, the children cannot fight this battle alone and there is a war out there that only we can end.
I will look forward to your generosity and love. Lets build one library at a time, together.
Help us reach 100 libraries this year. You can see the full details of Wall O Books on Facebook, Wall O Books on Facebook and can also join our group Friends of Wall O Books (Group). Let’s build a wall.

Love, Amira.xx

These are just my thoughts, though….

Is it not strange that nowadays a selfie would reach hundreds of people and turn up with “likes” and an honest note or a plead does not work unless there is emotional manipulation or blackmail involved, fear of God generated or fear of loss instilled?
Then what is the purpose, the idea? Just getting things done through fear? Does that mean religion is used as a tool in many instances? I am not cynical. I have had assumptions about things. Every time I think of something apprehensive or debatable to me, I think of my Boss. He has given me a very good advice. He told me that there is a wall, a wall of cynicism, doubt and debate. What is needed is a hammer and a nail and a strong hammering through to the wall till it breaks open and I see, that there is a world out there that does not function in the way our perceptions, outlined with doubts do. They just function. May be on belief, faith, hope or they just do. JUST DO.


This idea has brought my mind to such a state that I am at peace, I have my head on my shoulder and the filtering of negativity that I had already done, achieved a solid ground, assurance.

I could have never thought that what I think of, the ideas and my idiosyncrasy is not all idiotic but just roughly finished, it just needs a smooth finishing.
I have a close friend who often shuns my thoughts, calls me immature and does such tiny things that are normal to him but those which hurt or have hurt my self-esteem. Trying to redeem it has been very difficult for me to do alone.
I have met people who have gone through differences in their relationships and I have seen them from close. It is hurtful to now know how it actually made them feel, when I have to walk that mile myself.

I don’t know what hurts more. The idea of what you think you deserve or the inability to achieve what you know you rightfully deserve? Living in a limbo, inability to decide if you should stay or go, confusion between love and gratefulness. This is the dilemma of today and for most of us, everyday.


I am also struggling with the major issue of non-vegetarianism versus vegetarianism. For me it is not just limited to food preferences. In spite of what might people might say, they might think it is natural and it is the way of life. My prime concern lies only in seeing an animal die, seeing an animal being slaughtered, seeing violence, bloodshed, disappearance of humanity.
My friends say they are not the ones doing the killing. It comes packed and all they do is prepare and eat. I do not know how to approach this thought. The first sentence itself is colored with selfishness, that it compels me to judge them out and out. I judge on the basis of their kindness, if they cannot be kind to a speechless being based on love and understanding, how can they understand what love is at all? Other, how can they even love when they cannot go beyond their taste buds to a little down below to their hearts which is just above their stomachs.
Okay, they do not kill. What does that mean? Does that mean they are okay with someone taking the responsibility of doing the murder? Or does that mean they know deep inside that it is not okay for them to kill someone but they would cook their guilt and conscience with their sauce and gravy.

Does that also imply that they don’t like violence but don’t mind if somebody did it for them so that it satisfied their appetite? Does that mean war is okay as long as they are not the ones getting killed? Does that justify war at Gaza strip, the oil crisis, ISIS? It must be okay as long as we are not the ones suffering. Do we forget, we are the we, we are the society, we are the world.

How come people don’t want to consider this at all?


Do you have a wife, husband, son, daughter, parents, somebody you love at home?

Do you believe in God, science, energy, Universe, somebody you revere?

Do you know what love is?

If you see God and follow God’s words, if you worship somebody, I am assuming, worship is the highest form of respect because you marvel at God’s generosity, beauty, dichotomy, security etc. I am also hoping it is for gratitude than supplication. If you really worship God how come you can’t see Him/Her in everything, because Him/Her is the source, isn’t it?

But these are just my thoughts.

Good night. Don’t forget to let me know about how you feel.xx

Writer at work, till a block!

I am wondering, If all the people lived in one country, would there be any borders and if there were would there be control over states and cities?
Or would we all come together?

Would there be any culture or preaching or there would be nothing at all?

What if all the countries disappeared and only one small chunk, may be just a mountain remained?

Would there be flags?
And what would happen to technology?

Would that also mean that we have come so far for nothing?

Science says that life will not end until there is light.
So till the time there is the sun, there is life.

But there is something called The Black Hole Theory, no?

Well then that would explain. a lot of things.

And now I have a writer’s block and cannot bring up another word.